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AMFast Logistics: Perth Amboy, NJ's Premier Freight Partner| LTL, FTL & More

Navigate Perth Amboy, NJ Logistics with Confidence: Choose AMFast Logistics

Welcome to AMFast Logistics, Perth Amboy, NJ's premier logistics and freight management partner, dedicated to providing unparalleled service in a crucial transportation nexus. Our commitment to the businesses of Perth Amboy encompasses a deep understanding of the unique logistics demands of this vibrant area. From specialized port drayage to comprehensive intermodal solutions, AMFast Logistics is equipped to serve the diverse industries of Perth Amboy with a full suite of freight services, including LTL (Less Than Truckload), FTL (Full Truckload), and beyond.


Get in touch to explore how we can address your logistics needs in Perth Amboy.

Your Trusted Perth Amboy, NJ Logistics Partner

Deep Local Expertise

AMFast Logistics prides itself on its profound knowledge of Perth Amboy’s infrastructure, including intricate port operations, regulatory environments, and industry-specific logistics requirements. Our expertise ensures that your cargo moves efficiently and safely, whether it's navigating local roads or coordinating with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


Dedicated Perth Amboy Team

Our local Perth Amboy team is not just familiar with logistics; they're experts in port drayage and intermodal solutions, offering personalized customer support that understands your business's unique demands. This team is your direct link to a network of logistics solutions tailored to the Perth Amboy  market.


Discover the difference our Perth Amboy team can make for your business.


Tailored Solutions for Perth Amboy's Dynamic Industries

LTL Freight Perth Amboy NJ Specialists

As carrier LTL Perth Amboy NJ experts, we provide expedited LTL services, handling specific equipment needs, including refrigerated containers, to offer cost-effective logistics solutions. Our services are designed to meet the demands of Perth Amboy’s key industries, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce, ensuring your goods are delivered on time every time.

FTL Experts

Our FTL freight Perth Amboy NJ solutions stand out for their timely delivery, diverse fleet to accommodate any cargo size, and competitive rates for shipping across regional, national, and international routes. With AMFast Logistics, you can expect a full truckload service that’s as reliable as it is efficient.


Port Drayage & Intermodal Experts

AMFast Logistics shines in port drayage and intermodal transportation, providing seamless integration with ocean freight for effective import/export solutions. Our expertise in navigating port operations ensures your cargo transitions smoothly from sea to land.


Learn how our specialized solutions can streamline your Perth Amboy logistics.


Why Choose AMFast Logistics in Perth Amboy?

Proven Reliability

Our track record for on-time delivery is unmatched, reflecting our commitment to serving Perth Amboy businesses with reliability and care.


Strategic Local Network & Facilities

Positioned strategically in Perth Amboy, our facilities are near major highways, interstates, and the port, facilitating efficient cargo movement.


Transparent Pricing

At Perth Amboy, we stand by competitive rates and transparent pricing tailored to local market dynamics and port-related costs, ensuring you get the best value for your logistics needs.

Technology for Efficiency

Our cutting-edge technology optimizes routes, tracks shipments in real-time, and guarantees clear communication, keeping Perth Amboy businesses in the loop at every step.


24/7 Support

Our dedicated customer support team is always available, ready to assist Perth Amboy businesses with any queries or concerns, including customs clearance.


Experience the AMFast Logistics difference in Perth Amboy with our 24/7 support.

Get a Free Quote Today!

For businesses in Perth Amboy, NJ, looking for dependable and efficient logistics solutions, AMFast Logistics is your go-to partner. Request your free quote today and take advantage of special promotions or discounts tailored to your import/export needs. Let us help you navigate the complexities of logistics with confidence.


Request your free quote now and start navigating Perth Amboy logistics with ease.

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