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New Customer Form

New Customer Form

Company Profile:

Please list any other company name associated with you that is used on a bill of lading for shipping

Company Address:

Owner Contacts:

Shipping Contacts:

Accts Payable Contacts:

Credit References:




Credit Card Information:

We require a credit card be kept on file. We will charge said credit card for unpaid balances over 60 days. All transactions paid by credit card will include a 3 % surcharge.

Type of credit card


Payments to your account can be made with ACH.  Please call for ACH information.

Payments can also be made through Zelle or you can email your check using

Credit Terms:

  • Each invoice is due upon services rendered or in accordance to credit terms established.

  • Customer agrees that Amfast Logistics will not be liable for freight claims or any special, incidental or consequential damages as a result of lost, damaged, or late shipments.

  • Customer is responsible for the accuracy of information given for bill of lading.

The undersigned warrants that all information is correct, has read, accepted and agrees to be bound by all of the terms set forth in this document.

Thank you !!

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